Body Balanced Remedies

Get Balanced

How Do Our Discs Work?

The Body Balanced Remedies Discs are tuned to a specific bio-frequency so that they only interact with the issues they are programmed to address.  Your body has the unique ability to recognize this “correct” bio-frequency and react to it by resonating at that frequency.

Have you ever seen an experiment where two glasses of water are side by side? One glass starts a vibration, the next glass will vibrate at the same frequency! (Here is a Youtube of it)

Your cells resonate at an optimum frequency level which can be altered, either positively or negatively by exposure to other frequencies. Body Balanced Remedies Discs, are imprinted with a bio-frequency that can be emitted back into your body’s natural energy field in a way that helps your cells resonate at the proper level. 

In the environment we are in, we are constantly exposed to vibrations and energy frequencies which can cause us harm, undue stress, and physical discomfort.  Eating incorrectly, putting chemicals into our bodies and not sleeping well enough will also alter those frequencies. 

It is no wonder so many people struggle with feeling balanced.

Our goal is to give you alternative tools that you can use to balance out your natural energy flow, increase cellular communication and cellular health.

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