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The Scientific community has researched the health benefits of energy healing for years. Dr. Joseph Unger, Jr. DC, a chiropractor, and professor who has written several books and articles. In a 2012 article he wrote;

“Healthy cells produce a full complement of healing energies. These emissions help to coordinate function throughout the body and are thought to be responsible for certain essential healing. If a system or even a cell becomes sick, it cannot produce the energies needed to heal and coordinate function with all of the other body parts. The organism can then become sick.”

Dr. Unger stated that every cell emits a vibrational frequency, and each is different. The frequencies are similar to the individual instruments in an orchestra all playing together to bring about a beautiful piece of music.

If one of the “instruments” is out of tune, the music is off and discordant. It is becoming more and more accepted by the scientific community that by identifying the out of tune cells and re-balancing them with the correct frequency, it may be possible to bring the whole body back into the harmony it was created to have.