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The concept of bioenergy transfer has been put forth in many articles published by the University of California at Irvine. If you look at the article“BioEnergy Definitions and Research Guidelines” you will find:

“To this end, the authors make the debatable assumptions that if there is a bioenergy, then it is detectable and measurable by physical instruments or biomarkers, that it is probably, at least in part, electrical, magnetic, and/or electromagnetic in nature, and that its transmission, reception and processing interface with cellular and molecular level events.”

This article goes on to discuss definitions for a language used to communicate the transfer of BioEnergy to a receptor. Below is a diagram from the article.

Energy can be from many sources. One of which is electrical.

Our body is a mini electrical generator. We are generating electrical current and frequencies that allow our cells to operate correctly.  At the same time, we are absorbing frequencies from the environment. Some of those environmental frequencies may interact with our natural frequencies causing our cells to be out of alignment.


Body Balanced Remedies Discs are imprinted with a frequency that has been tuned to match that of a healthy cell.  Each disc type is individually tuned for the appropriate cell structure.