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  • balanced rocks

    How Do Our Discs Work?

    The Body Balanced Remedies Discs are tuned to a specific bio-frequency so that they only interact with the issues they are programmed to address.  Your body has the unique ability to recognize this "correct" bio-frequency and react to it by [...]
  • clouds-dusk-evening-459880

    BioEnergy Transfer

    The concept of bioenergy transfer has been put forth in many articles published by the University of California at Irvine. If you look at the article “BioEnergy Definitions and Research Guidelines” you will find: “To this end, the authors make [...]
  • shutterstock_449312344

    Are Your Cells In Symphony?

    The Scientific community has researched the health benefits of energy healing for years. Dr. Joseph Unger, Jr. DC, a chiropractor, and professor who has written several books and articles. In a 2012 article he wrote; “Healthy cells produce a [...]

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