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Discover The Magic Of Body Balanced Remedy Discs!

It may seem like magic at first glance, but our all-natural, hypoallergenic ceramic products are imprinted with a radio frequency that your body will respond to.

By simply placing one on your body (typically the upper left shoulder blade area) these easy to use products are tuned to focus in on many common ailments without relying on traditional therapies or chemicals.

Experience the transformation of your health. Enjoy natural balanced energy flow. Become emotionally and spiritually centered. Homeopathic remedies can assist people who want to work on their emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. Body Balanced Remedies can help people who strive to achieve a positive mindset and a feeling of well being. Negative moods, thoughts, and actions can bring imbalances.

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Our most popular products

Programmed with proprietary frequencies that help you feel your best.

Antioxidant Patch


Allergy Patch


Bacteria Infections Patch


Common Cold Patch


Energy patch benefits

  • Rapid pain relief
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Support wound healing
  • Quicker exercise recovery time
  • Mental clarity
  • Energy and vitality
  • Improved skin appearance
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