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hands full
Below are testimonials by users of the Body Balanced Remedies Disc. We have not published the names in the interest of privacy.
I have been struggling with colorectal issues for over two years, having multiple surgeries and procedures without proper healing.
I was diagnosed with colon/rectal tearing, which is an extremely painful condition affecting many people. At the suggestion of my wife, I tried two Disc”s for colon and bowels.

When I put them on, I honestly did not think twice about them. Over the years, I have read so many articles and tried everything I could buy to help with my situation. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on creams and medications that I wound up throwing away.

After about three weeks of using the Disc’s, I was asked about them and noticed that some of my daily symptoms had stopped. Particularly, the weekly bleeding was not occurring and the overall “Pain Spells” had decreased. I have continued to change the Disc”s every three days as directed, and the results have been consistent for two months now.

I am excited to try other Disc’s that may help additional nagging health issues I deal with as my body ages. With knee and other sports issues, daily pain is a constant.

I highly recommend anyone that has “Tried Everything” and expensive visits to the Doctors, to give these a try too. Take the time to read about the science behind the Disc’s and you will understand how they work with the human body.

I wish the best results for everyone and hope it helps you as it did me.

I have suffered with depression and anxiety for most of my life. I was diagnosed with depression in my late 20’s, and for years I could barely function. After many medications and doctors, oh— and all the rare side effects from the medication, I found myself still very
depressed with lots of anxiety.

A year ago I met a biophysicist that told me he could help. I started wearing different Bio-frequency patches hoping to correct my depression. While we were trying to get to the root of my disorder, I tried different patches, each one helped with balancing the in-correction in my body. After wearing these patches for over a year, I can honestly say I’m 99.9% depression free. I am still working through my panic and anxiety disorder, with renewed hope.

As the energy flow changed, my health improved. I am living in a much happier place today. Energy is what we all are made from, so if we correct the flow of energy, then the symptoms will go away. If you look at any type of medical disease, most of them are caused by the environment, life experience or genetics. As we correct and heal our bodies, we will run like a well-oiled machine. It’s what we put in our body and how we treat our body that determines
why the body breaks down. The beautiful thing about the energy patches, your body will only absorb the radio frequency it is missing. The pharmaceutical companies are giving us chemicals that our body doesn’t even absorb, so the side effects are sometimes worse than the actual problem. These energy patches have no side effects, only balancing and correcting.

Dear BBR,
With all the heavy smoke in our northern CA air (.5 mile visibility for about 2 weeks, it’s horrible), something in the air gave me vertigo. The “tea cup” ride started on Monday.
Got worse Tuesday….by Wednesday I couldn’t drive myself home from work after lunch. Thought I would crash my car in-between vomits.
Thursday couldn’t get out of bed, lift my head or even use both eyes to see without spinning out and vomit.
This morning I smoked some medical weed just to make it to work….was still feeling horrible and then I remembered!!!
Yall sent me a disc sheet!!! I popped one on about 2 hours ago and I’m almost back to my bitchy self!!!!!
Seriously, the horrible dizziness and nausea is gone and I’m hungry.