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A brief bio of Tiffany & Denise and how/why they started the company

Tiffany Segura and Denise Stafford are the founders of Body Balanced Remedies (BBR).
We produce Bio-Frequency energy patches, restoring missing cell communication, to help
The bodies natural ability to self-heal. As we continue to research bio-energy and the use of
Energetic frequencies, we want to share our self-healing products with the world.

We work with Bio-Frequencies, an energy balancing technique in which our natural intuitive
Faculties are used both to discover imbalances and to encourage the return of normal energetic field. BBR Bio-energy patches are made for a specific therapy that are infused on to
Each patch-just like a battery holds a charge, bio energy patches hold a charge of bio-frequencies.

Tiffany and Denise have suffered with depression and anxiety for most of their adult lives-so much, it became nearly impossible to function. After years of doctor visits, medication and all the side effects of prescriptions, we met a biophysicist whom introduced us to the world of bio-frequencies. From that day we started a path into our own discoveries and extensive research, diving deeper into finding the root to our disorders. As our energy flow started to change, we took out all medications and prescribed prescriptions we were taking. Our bodies started to absorb all the bio-energy, helping us balance the in correction in our bodies.

Today, Tiffany and Denise love doing research and developing new products for doctors and the public. We will continue to share our knowledge and information on our therapeutic use of
Bio-Energy patches and innovative methods of energy delivery to our bodies.

About Body Balanced Remedies

Body Balanced Remedies Energy Patches are made to rapidly promote and activate the necessary resources to optimize body and brain function, restore missing cell communication, and to accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself faster.

Bio Frequencies is an energy healing technique in which our natural intuitive faculties are used both to discover the disturbances underlying illness and to encourage the return of a normal energetic field that supports health.

Body Balanced Remedies is dedicated to providing people with the highest quality of natural healing Discs that will effectively treat the root of the problem, by making the correction, without inducing any harmful side effects or chemical addictions.

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